A bold symphony of Velvet & Dark Hues

Bespoke Sitting Room Design Northern Ireland

Project Overview

Blakely Interiors had the privilege of collaborating with a client with a passionate appreciation for meticulous design.

With an eye for sophistication and detail, the client sought to transform their living space into a sanctuary that embodied elegance and refinement.


Drawing inspiration from the client’s refined taste, Blakely Interiors designed a bold symphony of velvet and dark hues to orchestrate a space tailored to perfection. The design aimed to bring together opulence with comfort, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury.


Blakely Interiors meticulously curated every element of the room to harmonise with the client’s vision.

Rich velvet upholstery adorned plush seating, inviting occupants to sink into splendid comfort.

Dark hues, carefully selected to evoke a sense of drama and sophistication, enveloped the space, creating an ambience of timeless allure.


Attention to detail was paramount in bringing the client’s vision to life. From custom-made furnishings to hand-selected accents, every aspect of the design was thoughtfully considered.

Intricate patterns and textures added depth and visual interest, while curated art pieces served as focal points, infusing the space with personality and charm.

Client Satisfaction

Upon completion, the client was in love with the transformation of their space.

The seamless fusion of luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship exceeded their expectations, eliciting admiration for every detail meticulously curated by Blakely Interiors.

We succeeded in crafting a sanctuary tailored to the client’s tastes, where every element harmonised to create a symphony of elegance and refinement.

This project stands as a testament to Blakely Interiors’ commitment to excellence in design and client satisfaction.