After the Christmas
Tree is Gone

After the Christmas
Tree is Gone

The decorations have been taken down, there’s only the purple ones left in the quality street tin and let’s be honest, you feel pretty miserable, well were hoping we can cheer you up!

We spend weeks decorating our homes ahead of the big day, finding the perfect tree, spending countless hours choosing baubles to match the room and adding fairy lights to every available space. Suddenly your home is a vision of happiness, excitement and passion, you long every day to come home and snuggle into your cosy space by the beautifully lit tree, watch Christmas movies and entertain family and friends in your decorated home so when the time comes to pack everything up (Yes, even that last set of lights that you were hoping no one would notice) both reality and your mood can come crashing down.

All of the excitement is over and January is here – simply the most horrible month. New year, new me, the gym has gotten 10x more busy, your friends are doing Veganuary, Dry Jan or saving until pay day, the weather outside is miserable and you are often stuck inside looking at your now bare walls …so what can you do to make sure your home doesn’t look bare and empty after the holiday decorations are put up?

You loved your home before Christmas, you can love it again! Space isn’t a bad thing – nor should it be scary! Create a feature or focal point in your room and point

So what can you do so your home doesn’t look bare and empty after the holiday decorations are put up?

1. Embrace the empty space!! 

We are a culture of clutter, often buying things because they are on sale or we feel we NEED to have the latest home craze, but you don’t! Find a few items whether that be personal or decorative that you simply love and allow them to do all of the talking in your room – remember less is more!


2. Do a deep clean

no really! Once you start to hover up all of that excess glitter and celebration wrappers you will begin to like your simplistic, clean space. You suddenly have less places to dust, the hovering takes 2 minutes and your electric bill is halved!


3. Move things around 

Sometimes moving a chair to the opposite corner of the room can transform your space, rearranging your ornaments or photographs can also add a new depth to your walls that you didn’t have before, it can take the bare look off the walls and therefore also adding character.


4. Evaluate your design

Are you happy with the room? If not, why not? Is it the shade of paint? Is your sofa torn and in need of a facelift? Is that lamp that your mother-in-law forced you to have 15 years ago really in the best place?

Grab your paintbrush and try out those sample pots you have been holding onto, choose a stunning new fabric to reupholster that old couch in or create a new look by adding a selection of scatter cushions to hide the tear in the arm.

A few simple changes really can make all of the difference.

5. If you don’t need it, get rid of it! 

You have countless throws, cushions, lampshades and even rugs stored in the loft that have been gathering dust for years now …you’re never going to use them, are you? Why not sell your items?

Bring them to a car boot sale, donate them to charity, put them on Gumtree and use the money you make to buy a beautiful piece for that room instead.

Use your money wisely, often buying cheaper items ends up costing you much more as they just aren’t the right shape, size or colour and you really should have spent the extra £10 on the vase that matched the wallpaper perfectly.

We’re not talking about spending every last penny on 1 item but being more careful and refined with your accessories purchasing.

6. Ask yourself 3 questions:

Do I need it?

Do I have anything similar?

Will it add to my room?

Good design doesn’t have to be expensive; it doesn’t need to include designer items as often high street stores such as Home Bargains, The range, Next or TK Maxx will have the most beautiful pieces for very little. So, the next time you go into these stores take photos, measurements or samples – then in your room decide where you would put it, Do you need to move something else? Or get rid of something completely?

This may sound like hard work and admittedly it would be easier to just buy the items and worry about it later but then you end up back with a room full of unused items.

We hope that by following these design tips you will be able to create or transform the home that you love, the home you can’t wait to come back to after work each day, and of course our fabulous designers are always on hand to help you with any project. Simply contact us to book your consultation today!