Bespoke Media Wall

A client approached Blakely Interiors to transform their living room into a modern, cozy retreat that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The client wanted a bespoke media wall that would serve as the focal point of their living space, incorporating a TV, an electric fire, and ample shelving for their cherished ornaments.

Media Wall Design Northern Ireland

Design and Planning

The design phase began with a design consultation to understand the client’s vision and requirements for their living room space. Blakely Interiors’ design team presented a design concept, focusing on blending modern technology with elegant design elements.

Key design features included:

  • Central TV and Fireplace Integration: The TV and electric fire were placed centrally on the media wall, with custom-built cabinetry around them.
  • Brush Brass Detail: To ensure an elegant and luxury look to the media wall we added a beautiful brass border into the joinery work, a stunning highlight. 
  • Symmetrical Shelving Units: Shelves were symmetrically placed on either side of the TV and fireplace, providing balance and visual harmony.
  • LED Lighting: Soft LED strip lighting was incorporated behind each shelf, offering both practical illumination and an inviting glow.
  • Wallpaper: We love the addition of colour and texture with wallpaper behind the shelving. 
  • Bespoke Furniture: Our team also designed and made comfortable seating for the space with the addition of a Queen Anne chair, sofa, and footstool.  

Booking an appointment

Located in Banbridge, Blakely Interiors has been serving clients for over two decades with bespoke interior design solutions.

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